Sunday, December 28, 2008

I don't have what I'm supposed to yet, but in lieu of that here's something else completely different. A very odd story, from my perspective, with a cliffhanger ending.

Last night, I was...somewhere. An unspecified area of the internet in which people could meet and chat. I was using an assumed name (standard Modus Operandi) and like the first thing I saw when I signed in was a girl I'd seen there before leaving, exclaiming over how she was mad at this jerk boyfriend of hers, who was also there. The boyfriend was puzzled, and wondered what he had done. I said, "must have been something serious..." and apparently my grasp of the english language, or my fireman sounding name, struck a chord because he contacted me privately, asking me for advice. Now, this was a complete stranger, and I was slightly flattered and puzzled by this attention. So, he asked me if I could figure anything out. I figured I'd start out logical, and asked if his girlfriend (Hereafter referred to as "GF") had given a reason before leaving. He said,

"I dunno, I think she's mad about my hanging out with my ex." (hereonout referred to as "EX") At this point I literally facepalmed. I told him that was most certainly the problem, and that he should not do it. I informed him of the fact that girls tend to be somewhat jealous, and that GF might think he liked EX better than her. He, (Hereafter referred to as "BF") was unsure that was the case. ("lol, GF not like dat") I assured him that it was, and that he needed to back off. He reluctantly agreed this was a good idea, but asked how he could do that when EX was living in his house.

Insert second facepalm. I then told him that he should not seek out contact with EX, not be rude but try to make contact as short as possible. He did not see the problem with "just talkin n stuff" but I told him GF would see a problem. I asked him why EX was there at all, and he told me that her house had been lost (somehow) so BF's family was sheltering EX's family. I told him he should let GF know about this, to which he responded GF was not talking to him. Enter GF back into chat. I hoped this would mean she would communicate with BF, but I was in for a surprise.

She contacted me saying "Ugh my bf's being a jerk." That bumped up the interesting level a notch. So, not of course wanting to reveal that I was in fact talking to BF, I asked her what he had done. She told me how BF was hanging out with EX. Subtly I asked, "Is there a reason for this?" Unfortunately she was not much in to reason, and she didn't know or care. She was sure BF liked EX better. I asked if there was not a reason he had dumped her, and she said "she dumped him."

Insert third facepalm. So, I pushed for greater communication, and said that if she liked him once surely there was a reason worth a second look. She was less sure, stating that BF had given EX a real diamond necklace, and her a teddy bear. I didn't voice doubts at this point, but they were there. Meanwhile, BF is getting more and more nervous, and I told him that what he needed to do was make GF realize he loved her, and explain how hard it was NOT to be around EX, and how he was trying. At this point he made the bad news statement: "She won't believe me." I didn't quite facepalm, but felt like it. It was at this point I realized there were deeper problems than the EX issue here. I was about to make a pithy comment to this effect when he said, "She's talking to me, is that a good thing?" And I replied, "Depends on what she's saying." A few seconds later, "She just dumped me" and then he signed off.

GF confirmed this, and with a real life sigh and virtual shrug I said, "Well, that's that then. Only time will tell if you made the right decision" or some such mildly disapproving rubbish. A few minutes later, GF says "well, I'm off to feel terrible now. EX just called me and explained everything, I feel stupid now." She told the chat room at large that she was going ot call BF, and that she was leaving. Right before she did, I asked her, "Out of curiosity how old are you?" and nearly fell off my seat when she said, "13."

So, I have yet to hear from either party concerned, and I have to admit curiosity as to whether they got back together, and if so for how long. He can't be much older than her, and seriously...I doubt there is anyway that two people that young would have much of a chance at doing anything but breaking each other's hearts again. So, we'll see how it pans out. I just found it highly amusing that I was stuck in a sit or rom com for a night. I hope it doesn't happen again.

---Flynn (When did I get this new one ripped?)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


So, um, my blog is about to go on a bit of a hiatus since it's finals week then I go Disney World. So, no interview for a while. It's just not important enough to take the time to put that together for one person. So, I'm not going to. In lieu of that, here's pics of me after Noshember. Or, Blogger, you could put it up there, that's cool too. So, as you can see, anyone who just looked at me no doubt had no idea I hadn't shaved in a month. Which is kinda cool, 'cause it makes me like a ninja. And it's kinda sad, 'cause it means I can't be manly like Paul Bunyan.