Friday, November 14, 2008

At long last

Sorry about the delay,  I forgot slash was actually rather busy slash couldn't find what I needed for my "completely different" blog post. Well, I found it, I remembered, and pants. So here it is: A video of my first speech in speech class at the beginning of last year, as indicated by the time and date stamp contained upon the video in question. I present it without apology or approval; I was a wretched n00b, but I still got an A. So, without further ado, the video: Me, 1.0

(note: It may not work if you're enterprising and reading this a few minutes after I post it, due to that whole U-TUBE thing.)

--The Unanswered Question of Flynn


Any said...

Yay! At long last, indeed. :P

Having no expertise in that area, I'm unfit to make any comments about the video. But I never tire of videos/pictures of my friends. ^_^

-glances at the poll- Well it doesn't appear to be tied up at the moment. Guess we'll wait and see though :P

Any said...

Well you didn't ever update again but since you /did/ say one comment a week and it's been more than a week I suppose I'll say something else...