Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh, I can't decide...

whether you should live or die...

Ahem. Despite the fact that that song is going through my head, and has been for a while, it has very little to do with what I'm really tryin' to say, which is I'm sorry for the way,

So, "Something completely different" is coming, worry not; it will just be a bit delayed. To prevent you from throwing snifters, tumblers, and martini glasses containing milk at your screen...or me...I will present you with the following news update.

So, as some of you are aware, I am now proud co-owner of a dark blue 1995 GMC Suburban, which I have named Valvados, the Evil Dragon King. I generally leave off the dragon part of his title, but only because I am a miser of breath. I can't drive, because I don't know how, but I remain happy to have my first car, and have one I actually, so far, like.

I have two major projects looming over my head like the proverbial vulture, buzzard, or proverbial looming bird of your choice. One is easy to work on, but hard to get motivated to start; the other is hard to work on, but easy to get motivated to start. One is programming my PCB, that I designed, and posted the design of a while back, to serve as a voltmeter of sorts, with two display modes and multiple refresh rates. The other is my Bible Research (No, not exegesis...that's not the way this class rolls) Paper, examining the impact of the Intertestamental period (or, for you people without a Bible class to educate you otherwise, the 400 silent years) on the theology of Demons and Angels. Both are due in the next few weeks, because *gaspination* school is over with in the next few weeks!!!!!1

That's right, the semester ends in 3 or 4ish weeks...with some change. So, I must continue to go boldly where no split infinitive has gone before! To where many students have, in fact, gone before. DISNEY...PLACE! Orlando...Florida...U.S.A...Sol 3...

--Flynn I'm not as random as you horseradish

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Any said...

-noticed you hadn't updated yet- :6:

I thought this was going to be the update. Oh well :P

Nice to have /an/ update though ^_^

Haha! I read this aloud to my family after I started laughing: "So, I must continue to go boldly where no split infinitive has gone before!" aaaand... I was still the only one laughing. << Of an unspecified nature.