Sunday, November 23, 2008

The time has come! I'll do this in reverse order, so if you have problems with that get out your respirator.

10. Meaningless lists of ten. I mean, seriously, why not eight? Or seven? Seven is a's a cute number, I like it. But, for some reason, we feel constrained to do these things in tens so often. And yes, I am well aware this is a meaningless ten list. Irony, my friends, is not JUST for killing faeries any more! :D

9. People who fight attempts at reasoned logic with the stunning, "I'll repeat what I just said!" attack. Truly, these people are a dangerous force to debate that must be stopped. The "IRWIJS" attack is the most deadly form of argument, and has been known to cause DEATH. Yes, even DEATH. Please, do something to stop this. Kill someone who employs it today, and be thought of as a hero! Eventually!

8. On a related note, are those who stop reasoned attempts at logic with a single insult that breaks down communication at the cellular level. Logic then dies a slow, excruciating death as more retards insult back, until chaos reigns supreme in the court of communication and reason. This sort of escalation could lead to the death of...THE ENTIRE INTERNET. (are you intimidated yet by my blatant use of Capital letters? I know I am) So, please, think of the children. Resist the urge, I beg of you internet trolls, to type "lol ur fag" next time. For the cute little babies.

7.I could pick at various bad logic etc. all night, but here's one that encompasses a lot: Youtube commenters. I swear, something about youtube has drawn in every moron from around the globe, every opinionated person who gets indignant at the very mention of logic, who can barely spell well enough to get their vituperative point across. Here's looking at you, youtube commenters.

6. Now that I think the internet is out of the way, it's time for: Professors who give you assignments the haven't properly prepared you for. Now, I don't just mean proffessors who don't give you enough teaching to do something, though that's part of it. I also am including proffs who tell you too much, and then give you something easy you say...pointless. Seriously? Writing a summary of a summary? Give me a break. Dumping a major VHDL project on my measly shoulders, without giving me ANY introduction to VHDL? For real.

5. Thinking you're better than someone because of a completely stupid area of life. Now, to be honest, I hate any "better than thou"ing, when I get real with myself, because that's a sin. And we shouldn't do that. But in my less in-touch with spirituality moods, this one bugs me to death. So you can bench 500 pounds, eh? Well, that's just great. I'm sure your fellow men appreciate that, and the greater good could REALLY use more people who emphasize muscles over mind power. Don't get me wrong, you can USE those skills in a good way, to become a better person etc. But when you start going around with a 'tude because you can kick a ball into a goal? Get a reality check.

4. There was this one time I had to HUUUG a tree.

3. Incomplete senten

2. Being up too late. Can you tell? Perhaps that's why suddenly my entries are getting shorter and shorter. Or perhaps that has more to do with the fact that my toes are being eaten off by invisible monsters I call "sekatsim" which is a word I just made up and I'll probably use it again, because it's pretty pretty cool.

1. Unecessary "humor" in movies/etc. Having just watched the new Get Smart movie, I am appalled at what could have been a great movie ruined by unneeded innuendo and blatant sexual references. I loved a lot of little bits of it...but then there are those horrible parts that are like "Why?" And don't think I've forgotten you, Japan entertainement with your stupid obsession with crossdressing. Ha-ha, ha ha. Funny funny. Now part of that's cultural...and part of that's the way it's popped up in almost every bit of entertainment I've seen ported from Japan. Seriously, get over it.



Any said...


I liked these bottom 10. Quite a lot. 7 and 10 are my favourites. 5 gets me annoyed just /thinking/ about it.

Not your entry, I mean the people who actually think that way. -angryfishwaving-

0o;; "sekatsim" is a very interesting word...

Regarding 1, I don't think it should be /allowed/ to be called humour. Even in quotation marks.


Anonymous said...

One of your best, my friend.

And following in Anywhere's footsteps, my favorite two might be nine and ten. Ten, for obvious, "narcassist" reasons. And nine for slightly less narcissist reasons.